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We are looking for an experienced colleague who shares our passion for workshop. You are capable of working independently without much guidance and support; If you can see what needs to be done according to your own will, this is not difficult at all.

When you are a part of the İtimat Metal team in Istanbul, your focus should be to adopt the discipline of the products we process and to reach more people. You will be in our store in Istanbul on a daily basis and communicate with your colleagues or customers. You participate in design or product development discussions.


The goal of the İtimat Metal team is to process a product that customers will love for a long time. As workshop workers, working on a product with thousands of customers is both extremely exciting and challenging, and even we are surprised when we see the final product we deliver as semi-finished products. We are a small, dynamic and agile team with a strong focus on fun and long-term goals.


A very collaborative and open environment with a lot of independence, flexibility and trust! This allows us to push products in really interesting directions.



  • Ability to work in collaboration with the team, self-awareness

  • Willing to keep up with innovations, high motivation and desire to work

  • Awareness to represent the team and the company

  • Helping to develop or shape new products, to be able to influence design decisions

  • Suitable to play an active role in internal or external partnerships, proposals or relationships



  • Excellent speaking and writing skills (native / close to native Turkish)

  • To be able to look at and evaluate events and situations from a distant perspective

  • Comfortable interaction with our customers in face-to-face or online communications

  • Solving difficult situations with their own self-awareness when necessary

  • The ability to manage social media channels

  • Using, following or managing e-mail

  • The ability to work independently without a guide

  • Good if you will have: B1 English

  • Good if it happens: Experienced with social media management or business projects

  • Good if it happens: Any experience in other marketing disciplines and / or content creation



How to apply?

Please submit the following documents with your application:

  • Resume

  • Cover letter

  • If any, your work in related fields


About Itimat Metal

with offices and workshops in Karaköy, Istanbul, Turkey-based metal processing workshop. Since our e-commerce initiative in 2012, we have been the supplier of many domestic and foreign companies with various models and metal processes, especially our bijouterie, decoration and accessories and non-sparking hand tools.

We've spent or will spend a lot of time preparing these products because we are obsessed with quality. Our aim is to be the best metal supplier and to provide products to our customers who prepare products that can be remembered forever. To achieve this goal, we create the best possible teams and give them the freedom and independence that are at the core of our success.


Maybe you can love this place more than you think ...

If you like to think, speak, produce and work, it won't be hard to find a position for you. Our team, our products and our company in general; We are made up of proactive, independent teams that have the freedom to do what they think is best. We know that it takes more than independence to make great products and put them on the market, so we take great care of our people - we provide them with the price, work environment and resources they need to succeed.


Your area of ​​interest is in Istanbul, but aren't you?

We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of working innovative and online. However, if you are not in Istanbul or you see the necessary qualification to work online in Istanbul; we will still consider this meticulously.





Our company, which has changed generations many times, has taken care to follow the innovations in every field and handed over all the knowledge and experience it has acquired to the next generation with the right discipline.

Itimat Yellow Metal

The first E- commerce site was established in 2010, and after 5 years, it has accelerated its workshop activities with its qualified personnel and an innovative step, with new E-commerce activities under the name of İtimat Metal.

It continues its service with a store, a workshop and two different online stores.

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