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About product

It is pure copper mine. Apart from the areas of use you want, it is versatile, often It is used in bijouterie, accessories, decoration, jewelery and workshop works. The pipes are double wrapped without damaging the wall thickness of the copper pipe.

The price stated is the price per kilogram. The minimum amount of the product is 1 kilogram. If you increase the amount bar, it will increase by adding 1 kilogram to the amount.

Delivery Method

The product is packaged in a meticulous and protected manner in our store and then delivered to the cargo. Our store has an agreement with Aras Kargo.

For your questions and information;

Copper Double Winding Pipe

SKU: bakirikilisarimsarmaboru
₺788.00 Regular Price
₺774.00Sale Price
  • Our page, which offers service by appointment system, is an order system that includes your products and we receive the wrapping or crushing fee per kilogram.

    The products you will choose here; It will be prepared according to the thickness of the pipe you have chosen and the inner diameter of the material and will be sent to the cargo.

    You may need to know;

    • The tube thickness offered to your option specifies the wire to be supplied for the product to be coiled.
    • The inner diameter size you choose should determine the inner diameter you want the product to be in its final form.
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